Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Keep on Rollin'

So last night I worked up the courage to try something I've been wanting to do for a VERY long time....


I had to drive 45 minutes to get to the closest teams practice but it was totally worth it! At first, I won't lie, I was super scared to even get out of my car when I pulled up! When I finally got out of my car and walked in to the building I spent a few minutes on the phone with a friend in the entrance way trying to work up the courage to even walk in to the actual rink area. (In case you didn't know, I HATE HATE HATE going new places alone and having to meet new people I literally almost have anxiety attacks over it....if I'm with someone else though, I'm super outgoing....weird...I know) I finally got off the phone stuck it in my pocket and hung out on the back wall waiting for the chance to ask someone who I needed to talk to about finding more out (There were only a few people that were still getting their gear on...most of the girls were already on the floor skating). I stood back and waited until one by one each of the girls putting their gear on glided off to skate until there was only one girl left and that was it, it was now or never.

I walked up to her and asked who I needed to talk to and she hollered at another girl that is a staff member for the team and she was awesome, she answered all my questions and laughed at my bad jokes. Finally she introduced me to one of the derby girls that is in charge of Freshmeat (that's what they call the newbies) and I got to talk to her for a minute and she said "Next time we'll get you in some skates." my quick reply was "I have my skates in my car, I brought them just in case." (yes I have my own skates...I skated all the time up until I was about 15) she told me to go get 'em and that I could borrow the other gear.

Little did I know the borrowed gear was out of a stinky nasty grab bag...all the gear had been worn down and beaten up. Did I mind though, NO because I was getting to skate, I was going to learn Roller Derby. The helmet I had didn't have a buckle and we had to tape it on, my elbow pads were ripped, my knee pads barely had any Velcro left and my wrist guards had seen better days...but that was ok with me! I got all the gear on and I was ready to skate!

 That is exactly what DIDN'T happen...my first lesson, learn to fall correctly. NOT what I had dressed for doing in my t-shirt and blue jeans. I thought they were just going to let me skate around and show me some foot work...boy was I wrong. I'm not big on falling...it just isn't my thing. I realize that in this sport, that is just part of it and you HAVE to know how to do it right.

IT KICKED MY BUTT!!! I was so sweaty by the end of it I felt like I had just gotten out of the shower. I sweat in places I didn't know you could sweat and hurt in places I didn't even know could hurt. I was literally to the point where I wanted to pass out just so I could stop trying to do a "monkey roll" fall. I hurt so bad at the end I didn't think I could move enough to get my stinky borrowed gear off. When I finally did get it all off and got my skates off I felt MUCH better and I just knew that this is something I want to keep doing. The feeling I got being back on my skates outweighed all the pain and sweat and stink. So yes, if you see me around and I have a slight limp or I'm moving a little slow...it's because I'm going to be training to be a Derby Girl!

Now I just have to think of a Derby name that isn't already taken or too close to another girls name (yes they are super serious about this stuff... http://www.twoevils.org/rollergirls/  that's the website that they list all registered derby names on) So, if anyone has any suggestions on a name...feel free to comment!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

List of Happiness

Regardless of how my life is going, I always strive to be happy. Every once in a while you get those random bursts of happiness that come in all shapes and sizes. It could be getting to see an old friend after not seeing them for a very long time and having that moment where every amazing memory of them rushes through your brain for a mini happiness high or it could be getting excited about the fact there is just enough leftover spaghetti from the night before and you don't have to make dinner. Other times, quite frankly, you just feel BLAH! I wanted to figure out how to pick myself up on days that I feel down or just not quite as happy as I would like to be. Some days it is hard, all I can think about is "Why can't I just stop procrastinating and get the laundry folded" or "How come this happened to me" or "What could I have done that would have changed how something turned out" and it finally hit me, I have to stop dwelling on the past.

My Grampa, who was a very wise man that I didn't get to spend much time with due to how far apart we lived, said something that has stuck with me through the years that I have always preached to others but never taken head to myself.

"You can't live your life on 'what if's" (How simple is that?!)

The point is, instead of sitting there thinking "What if I had done this" or "What if I had done that", think about the things in your life that make you happy. That is what I decided to do, to make a little list that worked for me. I know this list won't work for everyone, but hopefully there is at least one thing you can think of or do on this list that will make you happy or inspire you to make your own little "List of Happiness".

My List Of Happiness
1) I have a roof over my head and food in my belly (My mom always says this)
2) I can afford to put gas in my vehicle to get back and forth to work
3) No matter how much I dread waking up early for work, I'm luck to have a job that I enjoy
4) My husband works harder than anyone I know and never complains
5) My husband always supports me in whatever I do
6) My dad is healthy and is still my best friend
7) Elephants aren't extinct! (They're my favorite animal!)
8) I've been able to keep in touch with some of my oldest and closest friends (who are practically sisters) even though marriage and distance has separated us.
9) I can laugh at my mistakes (after a cry and whine about them haha!)
10) I have an amazing family (immediate, extended, and in-law)

**If thinking about those things doesn't work, I can just do some of these**

11) Hug someone special to me
12) Play with my animals (They're always happy to play and happiness is contagious...maybe that's yawns but you get the point)
13) Look at a picture or pictures of people I care about
14) Donate to a charity or volunteer at an animal shelter
15) Carry some sticky notes and a pen with you and write kind words and post them in bathroom stalls or in a book or on someones desk at work (I am not saying do anything that will get you in trouble. An example would be to write "You look beautiful today" and stick it to a mirror in the bathroom. It will make you feel a little better but imagine if the next person in is having an awful day and sees that, you probably just made them smile.)
16) Compliment someone (If you know someone is losing weight or notice they just got a haircut, tell them you can tell they've lost a little weight and you can tell or that you like their new haircut or color)**Side note** Never lie to someone but if you really can tell or you really do like the new do, let them know
17) Watch something that will make you laugh (I just saw a commercial of a cat "talking" about a kid playing in a "litter box" (sandbox) and freaking out because he thought it was gross...I cracked up...rewound it and cracked up again!)
18) Tell someone that they are important to you and that you care about them
19) Get my husbands clothes ready for the next day so he can sleep an extra five minutes
20) Talk in funny voices with my husband

So yea, those are some things that make me happy! Hopefully there is at least one thing on there that makes you happy too and if not, leave me a comment and let me know what makes you happy!

These are just some of the things I'm learning from life!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Just so you know-An Intro to my Blog and DISCLAIMER

First and foremost I'd like to say that I have never had a blog before so if there is anyone out there actually reading this, I apologize if it isn't as fancy as other blogs you've seen. The reason I started a blog is because sometimes there are just moments in life that you are so excited about that you want to share with the world and there are moments that devistate you and you don't know any other way to overcome it than to write it out.

I also like trying new products, recipes, crafts, and so on. I not only want to use this blog as a safe place for me to share my stories, but for a place to share how I feel about products, or if a recipe or craft is as "easy" as it says it is. 

In my 24 years of life I have lived, lost, and loved. I have suffered and I have rejoiced. I have been accepted and been rejected. This is my collection of things I've learned and things I'm learning from life. 

Anything I write about in this blog is my own opinion. If I have a picture that I have taken of a product, I am not claiming any rights to the product or any content the website of that product may contain. If I post a link to something in my blog, I do not assume any responsibility for the content of that website when you go to it. I do not receive any compensation for using the products I use or the opinions I have about them. Everything I use was purchased by me because when I was at the store, it was the better deal and it was purchased for use in my home. 

Content Validity: The information I have published, including but not limited to, sources, references, and links, may change in content over time and I take no responsibility for that.
Content Accuracy:  Surprise, surprise, we all make mistakes every once in a while. I try my best to make sure all content in my blog is accurate and valid but in the case that something goes wrong, I take no responsibility for any harm (physical, emotional, etc.) caused.

Photographs and Graphic Images: All photographs on this site are photographs that were taken by me unless otherwise stated. I claim all rights to my photographs. I will cite photographs that are not mine if I can find the original source or I will make a point to say that I found the photograph. I hold myself harmless from any harm caused from any images including, but not limited to, offending anyone.

Libel and Defame: Anyone reading this blog will not hold me libel for what I say or display. The content on this blog is the opinion of the blogger and is not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual, anyone, or anything, especially those with the ability and desire to fight back.

Responsibility: I am responsible for the content in this blog. Not my employer, volunteer groups, membership organizations, church, or any other agencies I may be seen to represent. These are MY personal views and I am responsible for them. My blog is my opinion.

Commenter’s: I am not responsible, nor will I be held liable, for anything anyone says on my blog in the blog comments, nor the laws which they may break in your country or theirs through their comments’ content, implication, and intent. I reserve all rights to edit, modify, or delete any comment made on my blog.

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International and Culture Laws: If you are in a country that is not America and are enjoying this blog that is wonderful. However, if for some reason this blog has laws which restricts or censors any content contained within my blog, you, the reader, take all responsibility for this. I am not responsible for defamatory statements bound to government, religious, or other laws from the reader’s country of origin.

Damages: I take no financial responsibility for any damages that may occur from the content of this blog.  You are reading this blog at your own risk and the reader assumes all responsibility for any damages, physical, emotional, electric, financial, etc. 

Intent:  My intention is to do no harm. I do not want to injure, defame, libel, or offend anyone. My blog is my opinion and my advice, not counsel. What I write on my blog is not to be taken as fact nor absolute. If you choose to use my advice, tips, techniques, and recommendations, and are injured, I am not to be held responsible.