Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pop Chips

So, while at work last week I went up to the cafeteria to find a snack. On my way up the stairs I was thinking of getting some fruit but then I decided I'd rather have something crunchy but I knew the salad bar still wasn't set up so I figured I'd probably wind up with a bag of chips which sounded delicious but my brain was having a battle with itself since I'm trying to eat better during the day.

*I have tried counting calories, and no carbs, and all kinds of other diets but I just can't make them stick so I have been trying to eat as healthy as I can all day and then make a dinner using low cal ingredients. I use the stairs at work and walk on my breaks.*

Any who, I got upstairs and started looking at all the goodies they had in the cafeteria and to my surprise I found something called Pop Chips. I decided on the Sweet Potato flavor because well, sweet potatoes are good for you...right? I was so excited. They came in this cute little bag.
The chips are $1.19 but most healthy foods are more expensive. When I opened the bag I was a little disappointed though because It seemed like I paid about $1 for air and $0.19 for chips but hey, I wanted to try them.
They are cute little round chips with a great crunch and flavor though!
I finished the bag in about 30 minutes (I had to snag a chip in between transcribing reports when I could) and surprisingly they were a nice FILLING snack and they didn't have many calories. You can find out more about them at . I really enjoyed these and while I was skeptical about paying $1.19 for so few chips, it was totally worth it and I WILL be buying more of these! 

Hope you can find some and try them because I sure am glad I did! If you do try any of them, let me know what you think about them!

(I was in no way compensated for my thoughts on this snack or mentioning their website. All views expressed in this are my own and I only mentioned the website so that if anyone is interested in trying them they can use the site to find a store near them that sells them or order them from the site. I claim no rights to this product or anything contained within the company's website.)

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